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Ina Vasques, Obidos Lagoon

My name is Ina Vasques and I am the mentor of this project, which arises as a response to a need that I was aware of because I worked in the Education area for 20 years, of which 17 years as Technical Director of an IPSS, with daycare children, pre-school and 1st Cycle of EB with CATL and 3 years with young adults, as a teacher in Higher Education. My basic training is legal, I have a law degree.

Throughout my career as Technical Director, I was exposed to many situations of stress and anxiety, which led me to feel at times burnout, due to overwork and little rest. It was the practice of Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness that helped me to overcome these situations, having managed to find strategies to restore my physical and emotional balance and well-being.

This experience of mine led me to develop skills in these areas, investing in training, in order to be able to share my knowledge and my experience.

In my activity, I realized that since childhood, the stimuli to thinking are innumerable, children do not develop the ability to focus, since their thinking is much of the time accelerated, which causes and increasingly earlier, concentration problems. Adults are also struggling to focus and concentrate, as most of their daily lives are on autopilot.

This is a situation that worries me a lot, so in 2013 I started a Yoga for Children project, YogaKids to help children develop tools to calm their thoughts.

In 2018 I decided to adapt the YogaKids methodology to classes aimed at the age group from 14 to 80 years old, through Fun Yoga classes, because if the Yoga practice worked for me, it could also help other people.

In 2020 also in this sense and thinking about people who do not identify with the activity of Yoga, as they consider themselves too slow for their dynamism and require a lot of flexibility, I wanted to prove the opposite! and developed a new modality, Yoga Breathe Dance By Ina Vasques, where I combine dance, with Yoga, relaxation, meditation and Mindfulness.

One of the charms of Yoga is that it can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age or ability, as it doesn’t have to be difficult, so that everyone can enjoy it safely, respecting their body.

I’m here to help you find your balance and physical and emotional well-being. For our tranquility is right within us. In this sense, in 2021 I created a new project, Pranã Lagoon, which promotes Yoga, mindfulness and meditation retreats

Namasté: My essence compliments your essence,

Ina Vasques

Certified by School 200-hour Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training Kasish Yoga

Certified by Yoga Alliance RYT 200

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