Meditation and Mindfulness

When you talk about meditation, you sometimes associate with Buddhist monks and you understand that to do that you have to empty your mind of thoughts. But meditation and mindfulness is something different, it is being in the present moment, in the here and now.

Just as we exercise our body, so our mind must be exercised not to wander so much. But like everything in life, it requires training and what meditation and Mindfulness teaches us is to exercise our mind, so that it is not in the past with ramblings, nor in the future with projections, but only in the present, in which we find ourselves. so that we can enjoy each moment of our life with focus, concentration and tranquility.

Who is it for

We can all practice Meditation and Mindfulness, children and adults, as they are techniques that bring benefits to our well-being. It is no coincidence that Cristiano Ronaldo is a fan of meditation, having mentioned in an interview in Dubai, where he was to receive the award for best player in the world at the 2019 Globe Soccer Awards:

«Everyone’s body muscles work, but the mind is very neglected. I am very concerned with working the mind with four or five things that can help me. They are techniques to face the stress of everyday life and the pressure of games. »

8 Benefits of Regular Meditation and Mindfulness Practice

#1. More positive thinking

Some studies have proven that the practice of meditation and mindfulness helps to counter depressive states.

Meditation Activity

21 Day Mindfulness Plan by Ina Vasques

This plan intends to bring change in the person’s life, giving tools for the reunion with mindfulness, with focus and concentration, allowing to live the day to day in a more present and grateful way.

– 21 small guided meditations that can be made in a short break in any place where the person
is found
– Mindfulness exercises
– Mindfulness diary

Online Guided Meditation Class

Frequency: 1x per week
Duration: 1 hour

Daily guided meditations Audio

Frequency: daily
Duration: 5 minutes

In person Mindfulness Classes

Active practices at a time to be agreed.

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