Your little paradise in the Óbidos Lagoon

Prãna Lagoon is a space for Yoga and Meditation in communion with nature, next to the beautiful Lagoa de Óbidos, where land and water touch in a union of life and full harmony. 

In this space we organize Retreats of Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness. We also offer YogaKids classes for children from 3 to 12 years old and Yoga Breathe Dance classes (from 13 to 80 years old), as well as Meditation and Mindfulness classes (third generation cognitive-behavioral therapy). 

Classes are in person, online or mixed, but always bringing the harmony of nature to your home.

The Prãna Lagoon is also a space for:
– Meditative Experiences,
– Yoga and Mindfulness Retreats,
– Therapeutic Concerts for Cups and Gongs,
– Tasting Experiences,
– Workshops,
– and other events that contribute to emotional and well-being.

Prãna Lagoon Activities

Meditation and Mindfulness

by Ina Vasques

Exercise your mind so you can focus on the present and enjoy every moment of your life with ease.

Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation Retreats

By Ina Vasques

Find yourself, rest, meditate, strengthen your immune system and find your emotional balance by connecting with nature.

Yoga Breathe Dance

by Ina Vasques

Work on your emotions and relax deeply while strengthening your body and developing your flexibility.

Yoga Kids

By Ina Vasques

Stimulate children’s creative, intuitive, ethical, physical, emotional and intellectual abilities with fun activities inspired by nature.


Throughout the year Prãna Lagoon holds the following even
– Yoga, meditation and mindfulness Retreats,
– Therapeutic Cups and Gongs Concerts,
– Workshops,
– Outdoor training for the development of emotional Intelligence,
– Tasting experiences,
– and Exhibitions thematic.

Prãna Lagoon Images

Lagoa de Óbidos and Foz do Arelho Images